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  • MC Toy Car

    MC Toy Car

    This toy car was made in Hong Kong by the MC Toy company. I have been unable to find out what year it was made or even what model of car it is supposed to represent.

  • Dragon Head

    Dragon Head

    Although this is not metal, I found this dragon head while metal detecting in front of my old barn. No sign of the rest of the dragon though.

  • 1936 Penny, 1830’s Button, 1940’s Toy Cannon

    1936 Penny, 1830’s Button, 1940’s Toy Cannon

    I found a nice collection of items when searching through the area where I am building my new raspberry garden.

  • Tootsie Toy Submarine

    Tootsie Toy Submarine

    This cute little toy submarine is almost 4 inches long. It is one of the first items I found when I started metal detecting my 200 year old farm yard. It was just a few feet from the corner of the house in the front yard and only about three or four inches from the…