Raised Garden

“You can’t dig up the whole yard” one of my children said when I started metal detecting. Challenge accepted.

“You can’t dig up the whole yard”

As you can see, I got a good start when I was building this raised garden. I dug a few feet down until I hit rock. Then I started breaking the rock up and pulling out pieces for another project I have in mind.

I did not create the water channel at the bottom of the hole, and for a while I was quite puzzled as to why the rocks had been dug out like that.  Then I realized it was lined up with the water cistern that used to be in the basement of our our house. It appears that the builders funnelled the rain water from a large section of the yard to fill the cistern. So very clever.

To build the raised garden, I used some old logs and filled the dirt in around them. I have planted tulips along the bottom, Ivy at the top to hang down, and several other spring bulbs. I will be adding some other flowers in the spring that should give me a nice multi-level garden that will bloom most of the summer