Good Stress, Bad Stress and Hairy Bellies

Farmall Super A Tractor
Farmall Super A Tractor

I almost bought a belly mower the other day. No, I do not have that much hair on my stomach.

This belly mower is a sickle mower that attached to the middle underside (belly) of a Super A tractor. It can be used for cutting the grass in fields, or ditches along the roadside.

Sometimes when I go to auctions I see things I might like to get, but do not really care if I win or not. I will set a price in my mind before bidding, and that is as far as I will go. Not really stressful, just bid and see what happens. If I win for a really low price, there is a bit of good stress there, maybe even a rush of adrenaline.

Not so with the belly mower. Bingo, my little Super A, needs a purpose in life. Having a belly mower would go along way to making Bingo’s satisfied that he is contributing to the family, and not just along for the ride. You can see a picture of a Super A with a mower attached here. It drops down when you mow, and lifts up out of the way when it is not needed.

These belly mowers are not available often, and this one was in very good condition. As the auctioneer moved closer to Bingo’s buddy, I couldn’t sit in the chair any longer. The stress, good or bad, was affecting me.

When the bidding began, the auctioneer starts with a high number as always, and then brought it down. As he had no bids, he finally just asked for an offer. Someone else bid an $100. I bid it up for awhile, but the price went too high for me, so I stopped bidding and did not get the coveted prize for Bingo.

Ten minutes later, my meds turned off. For those who do not know what I mean, it is like I forgot to take my medication and my symptoms are at their best – their best = my worst. Having Parkinson’s without my meds means I have trouble walking, my speech is slurred, my hand and legs shake, sometimes my jaw shakes. Mentally, I have trouble focusing, and multi-tasking is difficult. Thankfully the medication usually works well. When the meds turns off, not so much.

So although auctions are fun, the good or bad stress can affect how I feel, and I need to be aware of that.