Email Encryption

If you are just wish to communicate with a small group of people, you can manage your own encryption keys and just use email. No need to rely on the security of online systems such as Telegram or Signal, etc. Encryption keys are the basis of all these systems anyway, and I believe there is more security by keeping it small and private.

The basics:
When you send an email, you choose to encrypt it, and only the person/people you send it to can read it. You can also choose to add a digital signature which will confirm that you are the person who sent it.

The process: 
1. Each person creates a "public" and "secret" key.
2. You write an email, encrypt it with a "public" key for the person you are sending it to.  That person is the only one who can then read it as his/her "secret" key is required to unlock it.
3. You can use your "secret" key to create a "Digital signature" on your email. Other people can use your public key to confirm that you are the author of the email.
4. Using your "secret" key, you can also encrypt and store files so that no one else can access them.
Of course this means if you ever lose your "secret" key you will no longer have access to the emails or files that you encrypted. Or conversely if someone else gets your secret key, they will then have access to everything you have encrypted.
For instance I sent an encrypted email of 6 words. The encrypted file looks like 117 lines of garble that look like this: