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Another Mess

I can't count the number of times I drop things. My hands just do not work the way I want them to all the time.

A few mornings ago as I most always do, I sorted my medicine for the day. It takes awhile as I have 18 pills from 5 different bottles to divide up into 9 piles. I do this to help me keep track of what I took or missed through the day, rather than take them from the bottle when I need them. It is easier to just look in my pile to see if they are still there. Alright, it is not actually a pile. I use a pill case from the dollar store that has a little section for each day of the week. That is seven little sections, plus one pile that I take without putting in the case. Then I use an old medicine bottle with my pills that I take first thing in the morning. My daughter made a little box to hold my water bottle and pill bottle beside my bed. When my alarm goes off, if I am still asleep, I wake up, roll over, take my meds, and begin stretching. After awhile I am mobile enough to get up ... slowly, so I don't feel light headed.

Enough with the rabbit trail ... One of the medicine bottle lids gave me a little trouble today - not getting it off, but putting it on again. I don't know maybe it was crooked, but it did not tighten properly, and when I went to set it down, the lid popped off, and half a bottle of little white pills went rolling, bouncing and jumping away. Thankfully most stayed on the table where I could easily round them up. But I am not sure if I will ever find all the ones that jumped to their destiny. They were spread out over a ten foot circle around me.

Although Parkinson's already slows me down, the lesson for today is to slow down a little bit more and make sure that the lid is on tight.