A Word of Appreciation

Our small town/rural area raised over $60,000 at the annual Parkinson Canada Superwalk in Perth yesterday. And though there are so many people to thank after such a big day from the organizers, to the walkers, those who donated, the local mayors and volunteers who attended, the companies who sponsored the event, and ironically Parkinson’s itself for creating such a community of caring and helping people. There is something small but significant that happened yesterday of which I want to make special note.

Parkinson’s is more than a disease that causes movement problems like tremor and difficulty walking, although that was on full display yesterday with people at all stages of the disease. Parkinson’s also affects the mind, the ability to think clearly and quickly, and also the ability to recall what should be well known facts. I can be talking about someone on the way to an event and 15 minutes later be at a total loss when trying to remember the person’s name. I find this frustrating of course, but until yesterday, I did not realize how helpful it is when someone reminds you what his name is almost every time you meet. It may seem a little odd, but in the Parkinson community, it is probably a necessity. Some people are comfortable asking if they do not remember, but many are not. I have been on both sides. But I really appreciate the ones that make sure I remember their names each time we meet. Thank you.

Now, if I can just remember to introduce myself …