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A Marble, hook and more

Here are a few more things I found while clearing out the area for my new raised garden. The marble is not metal so I could not have found it with the metal detector. It just popped out while I was digging and was quite easy to spot.

Horseshoe nails
The two nails I found are quite old. The one is definitely a horseshoe nail.  I once had a ring from the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto that was made from a horseshoe nail. The other nail may also be an older version of horseshoe nail, or maybe not.

Harness strap hook and spring
The spring is still springy, The other piece looks like something that may have been used to hold a harness strap.

Hook, cultivator tooth, shell
The hook is pretty nice, with an extra little curve on the end, so it probably held on good when it was hooked up.  I believe the triangle is a tooth from a cultivator. The other is a shell that has "303 Dominion British" stamped on the end of it.