A Long Dream

Quite a long dream tonight –

No idea what this means, and I can’t remember it all, but we were in mid-central Ontario area.

We had visited a museum, and arboretum and were somehow taken to a farm property a ways north of it. My daughter had planted a small maple tree in a pot which she was happily nurturing. Lots of animals on the surrounding properties – horses, cattle, etc.

There was a big barn too with a rock wall, and an old farm house.

One day we had notice that some work was being done on what I can best describe was an old road or property line that ran through the middle of our property. Apparently the vegetation archivists were trying to determine what type of plants (and other things) were on this 5 foot wide swath of land that cut through the territory.

A few days after they had walked through the area, I discovered masking tape labelling several things along the side of the barn. My son told me that they had marked things all along the trail as they were going to be collecting it later.

Then we went for a horse and wagon ride. My other daughter was driving us along the road, through the neighbours’ fields, etc. We saw lots of horses at various farms. Eventually we got to one rural residential property were a couple of bald eagles had pealed back the cage of some chickens and climbed in. We got off and walked up the driveway watching as a dog, a cat and a raccoon were trying to get at them. One eagle got out and took off after a couple whacks by the raccoon who sat on the edge of the cage. The second eagle got into a fight with the (much smaller) raccoon pecking at it while the raccoon kept nipping and swatting. Eventually the raccoon ended up going over the head of the eagle and sliding down its back. Apparently eagle feathers are very slippery.

The dog jumped into the fray fighting on its two hind legs while the eagle somehow balanced on its tail while fighting with its claws. They mostly ended up in an embrace with the eagle pecking and the dog trying to bite the eagle. The raccoon kept jabbing at the back of the eagle which had one wing mangled by this time so it could not fly away.

Fortunately my daughter recorded most of this on video as I expected it to go viral on YouTube. A neighbour who saw us standing there was happy to know that we had the video as she told me she did not expect anyone to believe her. Then I woke up. I really feel bad now because I don’t know how to tell the neighbour I dreamed the whole thing. 🙂